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Shinco DVD-2100

20th March

.:. Firmware page updated

I've just updated the firmware page with firmware from the Teac DV2000 (original factory firmware), and loophole firmware for the Apex 703 BT (sorry for the delay!).

23rd February

.:. Manual for Shinco players

I found a copy of the Shinco 380 and 830 manual that I'd ripped from the china-shinco site, so I've uploaded it - don't blame me for the presentation, it's the official Shinco manual!! While they are for the 380 and 830, they apply to most Shinco players.

Shinco 380 Manual - here

Shinco 830 Manual - here

18th February

.:. Changing the background logo

I recently received details on how to change the background logo of Shinco based DVD players. It's the same procedure as used for changing the logo for many other DVD players, and now someone has tested it on a Modell 228 and it worked.

Find out how to change the logo here.

.:. Site stuff

I've been busy (as usual!), so haven't done much updating of the site or replying to emails.

I will get around to doing the following (honest!):

- Manual for Shinco DVD players (English version), probably a pdf.

- Instructions on how to apply patched firmware to the Teac DV-2000

In the meantime, most of the info can be found by reading the Shinco Egroup posts.


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Thanks to everyone who has contributed information & positive feedback.