Shinco DVD Info

Changing the background Logo (Dos/Windows only)

- Create a new background logo

Use a program like Paint Shop Pro to create 704x480 .BMP. Keep it fairly simple, as there is a limit to the size of the image file. You can also download background images from other DVD sites.


- Convert your .bmp to an mpeg2 still frame using mklogo.exe

At the command prompt type mklogo yourlogo.bmp (where yourlogo.bmp is the logo bitmap you created in the step above). This will generate a file e2logo.c.

MKLogo can also compress your logo - useful if you have created a complicated bitmap, but remember that it will lose some quality. The format is mklogo yourlogo.bmp X (where X is a number from 0 to 9, 9 being the highest compression).


- Use c2bin.exe to convert the resultant file to the correct binary format for injection into the firmware

At the command prompt type c2bin e2logo.c logo.bin. This will generate a file called logo.bin containing your chosen new logo.


- Load the firmware into a hex editor and locate the region where the logo is stored

Search for the bytes 000001B32C and 000001B700 and note the addresses. This is the region where the logo will reside. You should see the words "MPEG2 encoder" in the ascii-code near to the first address - if not then you're probably in the wrong place.

If you want to extract the logo you can do so now - extract from the start address to where the data ends before the end address.


- Use a Hex Editor to inject the logo file into the firmware

Paste your logo .bin file over the existing logo data starting at the address where you found the 01B32C bytes. Note that logo data must not extend past the end address - if it does it will overwrite important firmware data and mess up your player if you try and use it. If you find that your logo.bin is too big, run mklogo using a higher compression setting.

Save the firmware and update your player firmware as normal. If the saved firmware file is larger than the original, then you've done something wrong!


This has been tested on a Modell 228. It should work on all BT865 models, and probably CS4955. As usual, don't blame me if things go wrong :-)