Shinco DVD Info

From what I can establish there are two main companies in China who produce DVD players; Shinco and Mico. They both produce players under their own brand, and also act as ODMs (Original Design Manufacturers) making sets for many other well known companies. An ODM not only manufacture the product for clients, but also researches and designs the product, compared to an OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer) who only makes a product on behalf of another company, adhering to strict guidelines and specifications set out by the client.

Shinco has the capacity to manufacture 28,000 disc based players per day, and it's biggest rival Mico Electronics has the capacity of 10,000 VCD players, or 5,000 DVD players per day. Between them they are probably responsible for the majority of the DVD players with VCD/SVCD/MP3 support that have flooded the market recently.

Below are all the Shinco DVD models that I could find, and a collection of other brands made by Shinco. They all have the same standard feature set (i.e. DVD/CD/VCD/SVCD/MP3, PAL/NTSC, 110-250 V @ 50-60 Hz etc.) If you know of any more Shinco DVD players, or clones, drop me a line with details (and a picture if possible).

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Shinco DVD160
Shinco DVD180
Shinco DVD310
Shinco DVD360
Shinco DVD380
Shinco DVD510
Shinco DVD830

Shinco DVD858

Shinco DVD868
Shinco DVD960
Shinco DVD980
Shinco DVD1500

Shinco DVD2100
Shinco DVD2120
Shinco DVD2200
Shinco DVD2300
Shinco DVD2828
Shinco DVD3500
Shinco DVD6868
Shinco DVD8320
Alba DVD103
Apex AD500A
Apex AD703
Apex AD800A
Bush DVD2011
no picture available [same as Shinco DVD2828 / Alba DVD103]
Modell 228
no picture available [same as Shinco DVD2100]
Panda 868
no picture available [like Shinco DVD868 w/o Megadrive]
Red Star DVD228
no picture available [same as Shinco DVD2100]
Sansui DVD2100
Teac DV-900VK
no picture available [same as Shinco DVD858]
Teac DV-2000
Texxon DVD 2000
no picture available [same as Shinco DVD830]
Walkvision KDV5
Walkvision KDV8
no picture available [same as Shinco DVD2828]
Walkvision KDV9
no picture available [same as Shinco DVD380]