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When reading the reviews remember that many of Shinco's latest players have a new DVD loader which is compatible with CDR & CDRW, and that some improvements have been made in the firmware and decoder boards. Also note that Shinco have improved the specifications on certain units while still keeping the model number the same.

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Shinco Suppliers

Shinco DVD players are very reasonably priced. Expect to pay anywhere between £150 and £250, depending on the precise model. The players all come with a remote control (batteries included!), a composite video cable (RCA), and phono-phono audio cable. An S-VHS / SCART cable is not included in the box, but you should be able to get one thrown into the deal.

Lik-Sang - [HK, export World-wide] DVD868

Go East - [UK] DVD868, DVD980, DVD360, DVD8320, DVD2200

Scan Computers Ltd - [UK] They registered, but no longer sell Shinco!

Laser Vision - [UK] DVD868

Australian Digital - DVD180, DVD360, DVD2120

David Console Shop - DVD180, DVD360, DVD868, DVD960, DVD1500 (no digital outs), DVD6868 (component RGB out), DVD8320

Dust Online - [Sweden] DVD1500

Ai Trading Company - DVD180, DVD360, DVD868, DVD1500, DVD2120, DVD8320

Hong Kong Toys - DVD180, DVD360, DVD868, DVD1500, DVD2120, DVD6868

GameEnhancer.NET - [Canada] DVD360, DVD380

Just Entertainment - [UK] DVD830, DVD980

Madeira Games - DVD868

Gadgets Planets - DVD360, DVD1500, DVD2120

Twocom - DVD8320

Links Trading Company - DVD180, DVD360, DVD868, DVD1500, DVD2120, DVD6868, DVD8320

Aftertaste AB - DVD360

Buy - [USA] Apex AD703

Circuit City - [USA]Apex AD500a, AD703, AD800

Argos - [UK] Alba DVD-103

If you plan to buy abroad, remember to take into account import tax and vat...


CDR Suppliers (United Kingdom)

Newer Shinco based units (mid-2000 onwards) use a better DVD loader and can read most brands of CD media - the below links are just useful for those who have older Shinco based units.

AbaCom - Sell Princo Discs - Sell Vivastar Discs

CD-Rom Cellar - Sell Sirius Discs

CD-R Media - Sell Princo Discs

Lightning Imports - Sell Sirius Discs


Creating your own VCD/SVCD/miniDVD

Doom9's Video Guide - Loads of info & guides on VCD, SVCD & miniDVD

VCD Help - Loads of info - Info on creating miniDVD & SVCD

MiLLeNNiuM BuG's SVCD Creation Guide - exactly what it says on the tin

DVD Ripping Guides by Ka|E| - Info on ripping from DVD to VCD & SVCD - Ripping & VCD guides - Home of Nero CD writing software (can burn VCDs & SVCDs, including Picture VCDs)


Eprom Stuff

Willem - An Eprom programmer (click on the user modifcation link for a 29F040 mod).

Macronix MX29F040 - .pdf data sheet

AMD Am29F040B - .pdf data sheet

Megawin MM29F040 - .pdf data sheet


Misc Links

CD Media World - Loads of CDR info + section on Shinco players - There's a good thread on the Shinco made RedStar

Shinco.De - A German Shinco site

RomHQ - Links to Megadrive roms

DVD Alliance - French DVD site


Other Sources of Information & Support

Shinco Egroup - Mailing list / discussion group

Lik-Sang's Support Forum - Shinco DVD868 support and discussion

Shinco's BBS - Shinco's technical support web-board (down)

DeJa News - Search the newsgroups for Shinco information

Other Player Info sites

As far as I know, there are no other Shinco DVD Info sites, but there are plenty of similar sites for 'rival' players such as Apex.

Apex Info Pages - Apex info site with forums (some Apex models are made by Shinco)

Negge's Yamakawa Pages - Loads of info on the Yamakawa and clones